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ENGL 2145 | Week Two

Our media selections for this week are “The Ethics of Robot Servitude” (an academic article by Stephen Petersen) and Pixar’s film Wall-E. You will complete CRA1 on “The Ethics of Robot Servitude” this week. I have posted links in #general to join the CRA channels, and signup messages in the CRA channels for you to choose your job. Due dates depend on your task: brainstormers and researchers due today, analysts due tomorrow, curators due Friday.

Be sure to re-read the post on how to complete CRA work before you submit your work to make sure it follows the guidelines. Remember to submit your work on time (by 11.59pm on the due date), to read everything posted before you to avoid redundancies, and make sure that you’ve read all CRA messages before class on Monday (1/24).

I will discuss the presentation group (group-led discussion) expectations next Monday (1/24) in class.

Next week we will begin reading Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, along with some other texts that have to do with sub-disciplines within the field of English. I will articulate the reading assignments and activities for next week in the Week Three post that will be published on Friday.

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