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Short analysis and small group presentations | ENGL 2145

Students will sign up for one short analysis essay and one small group presentation project major texts we’ll be covering this semester. That signup schedule and corresponding dates can be viewed here.

  1. Short analysis essay: 500-700 word essay uploaded to Slack that includes a concrete analytical thesis as the first sentence of first paragraph. The essay will include 2 outside sources (at least one academic). It will be due in the appropriate channel in Slack on the Friday the first day of class discussion on the text. Additionally:
    1. Thesis must identify a narrow and concrete component of the text for analysis (examples: a scene, a textual or linguistic pattern, the application of a particular theoretical principle, a contradiction or debate evident in the text).
    2. Essay should be formatted by MLA guidelines and submitted into the appropriate channel in Slack with an accompanying message that quotes the thesis statement.
  1. Group presentation: a 20-30 minute video recorded discussion on the text moderated by one of the members that begins with three discussion questions for the class with answers/discussion from all group members. Additionally:
    1. A planning meeting with Pete roughly two weeks before the due date
    2. A recording session with Pete roughly one week before the due date
    1. Collaboration with group members to identify the three discussion questions

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