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Week Eight | ENGL 2145

Due to my absence this Tuesday, I’m rearranging our “readings” for the next two weeks accommodating for Spring Break (which is next week). We won’t have a CRA this week.

The Bladerunner 2049 small group members are scheduled to meet with me today at 11am to record their presentation. The Sayer podcast small group members are scheduled to meet with me today at 11.50am to plan for their recording session after Spring Break.

Everyone else should watch the film Bladerunner 2049 (available on HBO Max or for rent on Amazon) and listen to episodes 1-10 of the Sayer podcast (be sure to scroll to the bottom for the earliest episodes) between now and our Week Nine class (March 16). During that week we will have two CRAs on those narratives.

During our Week Nine class, I’ll be spending the bulk of the virtual class introducing the research project assignment. Everyone is welcome to attend that session, whether you have signed up for it or not. Please prepare for that Week Nine having done some thinking and initial research on ideas you might want to explore — you will be coming up with your topic as long as it abides by the criteria I explain in our Week Nine class. Generally, you’ll be devising an argument related to posthuman narratives using two sources we’ve read in class and two outside sources (films, tv series, novels, video games).

Later today I will publish the presentations of the Ex Machina and Bladerunner 2049 small groups. These will be useful for the ways in which these conversations. open up ideas for research projects.

I’ve compiled all of the process grades so far; my apologies for not having them posted yet. That will happen today. Short analysis essays and presentations will be graded by Tuesday of next week.

As some forecasting, in Week 10 (beginning March 22) and Week 11 (beginning March 29) I will be assigning all of season one of HBO’s West World series (10 episodes) and chapters 4-9 of Krouse and O’Callaghan. We’ll spread that work out so that half of each is due in each week. I’m mentioning that ahead of time in case anyone wants to start getting ahead on those assignments.

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