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Week Five | ENGL 2145

In today’s class we’ll be discussing Rion Amalcar Scott’s two short stories “The Electric Joy of Service” and “Mercury in Retrograde” (available in the #importantlinks channel). As part of today’s class, I’ll ask students to watch the R. A. Scott small group presentation.

We’ll also be discussing the format of the midterm exam today in class.

Our CRA this week will be on Donna Haraway’s essay “A Cyborg Manifesto” (CRA4). I’ve added signup messages in Slack. Please choose your job for this week’s CRA by today.

A note on CRA work: Some of our CRA work needs to be tightened up a bit. For example, brainstormers need to submit three total messages, but each of those messages should only be 1-3 sentences; that requirement isn’t an attempt to keep your thoughts simple, but as a revision strategy to make your language as efficient and clear as possible. As another example, analysis should be sure to narrow in on a specific component of the text for analysis and avoid providing a summary or review of it’s theme. Since this is our fourth CRA, you should be signing up only for the job that you haven’t completed so far in any of the CRAs.

I’ll be updating this post later in the week to forecast a new reading for next week, but remember that we’ll also be discussing the film Her next week, so be sure you can get access to it somewhere (Amazon is the easiest place).

I’ve received great feedback on the survey from last week. My biggest takeaway from it is that some of you would prefer an earlier, more involved discussion of the research project assignment. I’ll be putting up a video on that this week, and we’ll talk more about it next week.

Don’t forget to watch the recording of today’s class if you don’t attend and reply to the recording message in Slack that you’ve watched it by Wednesday.


  • By today, signup for your CRA4 task.
  • By Wednesday, reply that you’ve watched the recording of today’s class if you didn’t attend.
  • By Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, complete CRA4 depending on your due date.
  • By Sunday, be sure that you’ve watched the film Her.
  • One other text will be added to this post later this week to prepare for next week.

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