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Week Four | ENGL 2145

Most of our class session today will be made up of a viewing of the small group presentation on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick. After I post that link and the people gathered for class watch it, we’ll rejoin each other in a Zoom call to discuss the questions that the group raised and any other issue that may come up from everyone in class. Anyone not attending class today (9/9) will need to reply that they have watched both recordings.

In today’s class we will also begin discussing the midterm exam.

Given that it’s a short week, we will not have a CRA this week. However, I do have some readings and activities for you:

  1. I’m very interested in how the class is going for everyone at this point. I’ve put together a survey to learn how the class is working for you. Click this link to take the 10-question survey, and please complete it by the end of the day Wednesday, 9/9. Your feedback is anonymous and will help me continue to build the best class experience for you.
  2. Next week’s reading for a CRA will be two short stories from Rion Amalcar Scott from his collection The World Does Not Require You. Please have those read by Monday. You will find a PDF of Scott’s short stories in the #importantlinks channel.
  3. Begin reading Donna Haraway’s 1991 essay “A Cyborg Manifesto”. We will discuss it next week, but it’s long, so I want to give you a jump start on it. Please have Haraway’s essay read by Wednesday.

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