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Week Four | ENGL 2145

Due to my absence from being sick this week, our work this week is scaled back a bit. Our reading for this week is Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. We will save our CRA work on that novel for next week, but we’ll also be completing another one for the Krouse/O’Callaghan reading (chatpers 1-3 in Introducing English Studies). Be ready to do work specifically on those texts next week and make sure that you’ve completed both reading assignments by Tuesday.

I’ll be shifting the reading schedule slightly over the next couple of weeks to accommodate this shift. I’ll talk about it on today’s call and, after it’s finalized, I’ll amend the class schedule document and alert everyone in Slack.

On today’s call, I’ll just catch up on where people are having read Electric Sheep in order to see what connections people are making between the texts that we have already focused on (Wall-E, “Cyborg Manifesto”, Electric Sheep, “Ethics of Robot Servitude”, and research on posthumanism). I will post the video class on Slack after it’s complete.

Nothing work to submit this week, just reading and preparation for next week’s class.

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