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Week Nine | ENGL 2145

In today’s class I will talk briefly about West World (HBO, season one) and Sayer (podcast, episodes 1-10). Please be sure to have completed your viewing of West World by next Monday (3/21) and your listening of Sayer by next Wednesday (3/23).

We’ll talk in class about the research project and ways to start designing a thesis and collecting research for that project. Please join the #researchprocess channel in Slack and be prepared for some small activities that will be happening there over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, before class on Wednesday, read “My Octopus Teacher, Posthumanism, and Posthuman Education: A Pedagogical Conceptualization” by Nicole Ross. We will be completing a reading assessment this Wed. (3/16) and this week’s CRA (CRA5) on that article. Please sign up for your task in that activity today on Slack.

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