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Week Nine | ENGL 2145

In today’s class we will dedicate most of our time to discussing the Research Project. The assignment guidelines are available below and in #importantlinks on Slack.

Today we will also briefly discuss Sayer and Bladerunner 2049. The small group presentations for both of those groups will post on Thursday. Please make time to watch them both before class next Tuesday.

I’ll be completing grades and feedback on short analysis essays this week. I’ll spend some time in class next week pointing to model submissions and giving advice for anyone who wants to revise and resubmit inside of a 10-day window.

Rather than assign CRAs for the two narratives above, I have decided to make this week a brainstorming/research week to start the project. No CRAs this week; instead, begin your research and compose a 1000 word phase one document (brainstorming) that collects sources and arguments that you’re considering for the project.

For next week watch Episodes 1-5 of Westworld, Season One (available on HBO or Amazon) and Chapters 4-6 of Krouse/O’Callaghan’s Introducing English Studies
The Sayer small group will meet with me to record this Thursday (3/18) at 11am. The Westworld small group will meet with me for a planning meeting this Thursday (3/18) at 11:45am.

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