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Week Six | ENGL 2145

The class we missed two weeks ago when I was sick set back the schedule that everyone was on for the first several major assignment due dates. I’ve received questions from some of you about how that schedule will be amended, and I’ve finally re-imagined the schedule as follows:

  • If you chose your short analysis essay on Electric Sheep, the short stories of Rion Amalcar Scott, or the film Ex Machina, your short analysis essay will be due next week, Monday, Feb. 23.
  • If you chose to be part of the small group presentation on Ex Machina, your presentation will be recorded next week, on Thursday, 2/25, at 11am.
  • If you are in either of the groups above, I’m asking you to meet with me this Thursday, 2/18, at 11am to prepare for those due dates.
  • If you are scheduled to complete the short analysis essay OR small group presentation on Bladerunner 2049 (Week Eight), I’m asking you to meet with me to prepare for that work next Thursday, 2/25, at 11:45am to prepare for those due dates.
  • The small group presentation for Bladerunner 2049 will be recorded on Thursday, March 4, at 11am.

This revision will set us back on a schedule where I am meeting with students who have short analysis essays and group presentations on Thursdays the week before that work is due. Please plan accordingly.

Our CRA this week (CRA5) will be on two short stories by Rion Amalcar Scott (“The Electric Joy of Service” and “Mercury in Retrograde”). I’ve posted a PDF of the two stories in #general and #importantlinks. Please sign up for your CRA task today.

We will have a short writing activity on today’s call related to your upcoming research project in the second half of the semester. If you watch the video instead of attending the class, I encourage you to participate in the same activity and save your work for later.

We will have our mid-term exam during the Tuesday virtual class next week (2/23 at 11am). I’ll remind everyone of the texts of the format of the exam and the texts that it will cover on today’s virtual call.

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