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Week Two | ENGL 2145

Our CRA for this week is on Stephen Petersen’s essay “The Ethics of Robot Servitude” (2007). I have published CRA signup posts; please sign up for your task today.

Last week I also asked you to watch Wall-E and to read the concluding chapter of Katherine Hayles book on posthumanism. 

Today in class we will discuss:

  • CRA performance — great job everyone; be sure to read replies in the channel where you’re working this week.
  • The schedule for short analysis/presentation groups — I’ll meet with the P.K.Dick group this Wednesday on Collaborate during class time and will publish expectations for them before that meeting (look for a group DM).
  • What to do with non-CRA reading/watching assignments
  • What’s going on in Wall-E

By the end of the day today (Monday, 8/24), I’ll be entering process grades in D2L for signing the syllabus, joining Slack, posting an introduction, and CRA1. Use a reply in the #collaboratemeetings channel to indicate whether you attended class today or watched/listened to the recording after it was posted (should post before 1pm).

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