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Week Two | ENGL 2145

Our reading for the CRA this week (CRA2) is “The Ethics of Robot Servitude”, an essay Stephen Petersen.

In today’s class session we will discuss:

I’ll respond to the work of the class in our CRA work from last week on and ask attendees of the online class to take notes on the discussion that will be shared in Slack. I will not ask the class to go back and amend/correct replies from CRA1, but future responses will need to meet the expectations that I establish during this discussion.

We’ll have a brief discussion of this term along with a threaded discussion on Slack in the #general channel. Other students should contribute at least one source/reply to that discussion after watching the video.

Short analysis essays and small group presentations
I’ve published a blog post on these assignment guidelines. I will talk everyone through signing up for short analysis essays and small group presentations. The sign-up sheet (the same one we used to sign up for virtual class days) is in #importantlinks.

Other readings
Please begin three other readings this week for upcoming weeks that will take some time:

  • Donna Harraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto: complete by next week
  • Phillip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: complete by Week Four
  • Krouse and O’Callaghan’s Introducing English Studies: first three chapters by Week Five

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