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Welcome to Fall 2021

Welcome to Composition II (ENGL 1102) or Topics in Digital Rhetoric (WRIT 3150). I’m excited to work with you this semester. This course blog will be the announcement/instruction space for your class regardless of which one you’re in.


Have a look at your course syllabus below; it’s also available D2L. Post any questions/comments that you have on the syllabus and sign your name at the bottom.

Slack instead of D2L; what is Slack?

I don’t spend a lot of time with D2L. We will use Slack for links, class discussion, activities, and assignments. I will use this blog for announcements and instructions. I’ll only use D2L for posting grades. Any post on this blog will also be announced on Slack which should also trigger an email to your KSU student account if you set up Slack the right way when you join.

Signing up for and using Slack

Sign up for our class portal on Slack by clicking below. Only use your KSU student email when creating your Slack account and login. It’s probably a good idea to keep your password for Slack identical or similar to your KSU/netID password. Be sure to follow all of the steps to complete entry into Slack. Finally, if you want to engage with the class on a mobile platform, download the Slack app and log in there using the same email and password that you create. The Slack app is a great way to get some work done for the class on the go.

Whenever you want to get back to our Slack workspace from any browser, you can use these links:

Work for Week One

After you’ve read the syllabus, joined Slack, and replied to my first message in the #general channel, you’re ready to get started on your work for the first week. Please read the “Slack Tips, Tricks, and Requests” post on my course blog to acclimate yourself to Slack. Then navigate to the #introductions channel in Slack and complete the activity there. I will a Week One blog post later in the week with work for you to get started on before our next class (this will post Wednesday, 8/18, for WRIT3150 students and Thursday, 8/19, for ENGL1102 students). When the Week One post is up, I’ll announce it in the #general channel on Slack. Make sure that you’ve amended notifications so that you receive emails or alerts when messages are posted by me in the #general channel.

Feel free to reach out with questions to me on Slack or via KSU email (pete dot kennesaw dot edu). Once again, I don’t quickly see or respond to emails in the D2L system because they are cumbersome to access; please don’t use the D2L email system. I look forward to meeting you!

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