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WRIT3150 | Week Two

In class on Tuesday we discussed guidelines for academic blog posts for the semester (reflective and otherwise). I asked students to take thorough notes; this discussion included visual layout, paragraph protocols, and ethical image selection.

In class today, we will discuss (1) the introduction to Eyman’s Digital Rhetoric; (2) construction of a Critical Internet Studies bibliography and how that will feed into the book review assignment; and (2) The Syllabus website that I mentioned in the first week. This discussion will result in the flow process for our semester of rhetorical theory to application to content development.

Additionally, we will workshop the first blog post for issues of ideas, organization, and style. Be sure that you’ve created a category in WordPress titled “reflective” and that this first blog post is assigned that category.

Between now (Thursday) and our next class:

  • Read Chapter One of Digital Rhetoric;
  • Find a tweet or string of tweets (on Twitter) that allows you to apply a specific section of the Eyman text;
  • Write a citation and 100-150 word annotation for two book length projects that you would like to add to the collaborative bibliography on Critical Internet Studies that we’ll be building;
  • Identify something interesting happening on the web that you’d like to add to a discussion of “digital current events”.

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