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ENGL 3230 | Week Two

We have three readings this week:

Please complete CRA2 on the Hayden White reading above. Signup messages are in the CRA channels in Slack. Please sign up by Tuesday. Due dates are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday depending on the task. This week’s reading is long and complex. Budget time for two readings of the text before you start your work on it.

Because of the complexity of the reading, that’s the only work to complete for everyone. I encourage you to take notes on the reading, as it’s going to be an important one for us and will be used throughout the semester (including on the midterm). If you did not attend our video class today, be sure to watch the recording of it by Wednesday (link posted in #collaboratemeetings); it will help prepare you a bit for the reading.

If you’re in the position paper group on Erdrich’s Tracks, we’ll meet via collaborate this Wednesday during class time (11.15-12.05). I’ll be starting a group DM thread to organize that work. If that’s you, please come to the meeting having read at least half the novel and have some answers to the questions I’ll send to you.

Everyone else who is not in the Tracks group, remember that we start our discussion of the novel next week. Please complete at least half of the novel by Sunday, 8/30, so that we can start discussing it in class.

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