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Week Four | ENGL 3230

Most of our class session today will be made up of a viewing of the small group presentation on Tracks by Louise Erdrich. After I post that link and the people gathered for class watch it, we’ll rejoin each other in a Zoom call to discuss the questions that the group raised and any other issue that may come up from everyone in class. Anyone not attending class today (9/9) will need to reply that they have watched both recordings.

In today’s class we will also begin discussing the midterm exam.

Given that it’s a short week, we will not have a CRA this week. However, I do have some readings and activities for you:

  1. I’m very interested in how the class is going for everyone at this point. I’ve put together a survey to learn how the class is working for you. Click this link to take the 10-question survey, and please complete it by the end of the day Wednesday, 9/9. Your feedback is anonymous and will help me continue to build the best class experience for you.
  2. Watch the film Memento (2000) this weekend and be prepared to discuss it by Monday, 9/14.
  3. Read the Tim O’Brien short story “How To Tell a True War Story” (1990), by Wednesday, 9/16.

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