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ENGL 3230 | Week One

To prepare for our Wednesday, Aug. 17, class please read the following short story from 2013:

We will talk about the appropriate formatting for our Class Reading Activity (CRA) in our video class on Wednesday, but come to the video class prepared to discuss the following:

  • Two prepared observations about the structure of Chiang’s story; and
  • One outside source (not an encyclopedia source or Wikipeia page) that helps in your understanding of the story (content, ideas, author, publication, etc.).

We will discuss the reading in our Wednesday, Aug. 19, video meeting along with the appropriate way to format a CRA activity.

Update 8/19: I want to forecast some of the longer readings we’ll be doing in the next three weeks. Next week, we’ll be diving into theory, and the week after we’ll be starting our first novel. I may be adding other smaller readings, but these are the important ones to get started on:

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