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Week Eleven | WRIT 3150

In class today, we’ll briefly discuss the methods presented in Eyman, Ch3. Members of case study groups will draft a reflection post on which method/s they find helpful for their project and an application post defining their case. App reviewers will will draft only a reflection post on Ch. 3. All posts should be full drafted and ready for publication during class on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I’ll be giving a lecture on subdomains and case study/app review design principles. Ch. 3 reflection and application posts (for case study teams) and Ch. 3 reflection posts (for app reviewers) will be due by the end of the class.

Read Eyman Ch. 4 by class next Monday (April 4). Next week class time will mostly be spent workshopping your project. Come to class with an intro page designed and published and 1000 words of phase one (brainstorm) reflective writing on the project.

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