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Week One

In our first class we talked through the syllabus, Slack, and self-hosted domains. In addition to activities on Slack and opening your own domain before the second day of class, I asked everyone to do some light researching of the term “Critical Internet Studies” to see what you could find (here is an example).

Today in class we will look at examples of the domains that you’ve been able to create thus far, and we’ll have a discussion some or all of the following topics:

  • hosting dashboard vs. WordPress dashboard
  • categories and tags (category #1: reflective posts)
  • WordPress as a content management system (CMS)
  • single-source publishing
  • multiple approaches to academic blogging

I’ll talk through two different “strands” of work we’ll be doing: the research kind and the methodology kind.

We’ll do some quick analysis on a new curation tool on the web: The Syllabus.

Before next class:

  • Read the Introduction of Douglas Eyman’s Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice
  • Continue research on Critical Internet Studies to locate a valuable source (academic)
  • Compose a reflective blog post of 300-400 words on your domain responding to Eyman, the idea of Critical Internet Studies, or a deeper dive into The Syllabus (link above)

Post the link to your blog post as a reply to my message in the #reflective channel on Slack. We will discuss these posts in class next Tuesday. Update: No need to post in the #reflective channel until class on Tuesday, 8/24; just bring a digital version of the post to class.

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