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Week Three | ENGL 2145

For the beginning of today’s class, we will discuss Stephen Petersen’s “Ethics of Robot Servitude” and Donna Harraway A Cyborg Manifesto. Haraway is our CRA for this week (CRA2). I’ll be grading CRA1 and CRA2 over the next two days.

Last week we had a brief discussion about posthumanism related to the research I asked you to do during Week One. We’ll return to that briefly, and I will ask everyone to include a source, an observation, and a quote in the new #posthumanism channel, in addition to some relationship to previous posts. Please complete this by Friday.

Our first novel, Phillip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is up for discussion next week. We’ll have a quick conversation about how to prepare for novel discussions today.

Several people still need to sign up for their small group presentation and short analysis paper (discussed last week). If you have not yet, please use this spreadsheet to complete that task today.

Keep in mind the Krouse/O’Callaghan reading that will be due in two weeks (Chapters 1-3 of Introducing English Studies). I’ll spend a moment at the end of today’s class relating this text (and the idea of English Studies as a whole) to the objectives of this class.

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