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Week Four | WRIT 3150

Our reading for this week’s CRA2 is Chapter 5 in the Routledge book “Writing With a Soldering Iron” by Marcel O’Gorman. I have opened up signup posts in Slack for you to choose your CRA roles. Please do this by the end of class today.

In class on Tuesday we will:

  • discuss the composition, revision, and editing of your first Reflection/Application posts;
  • return to Eyman, Ch. 1 to focus on a specific definition of digital rhetoric; and
  • discuss our next reading (Routledge/Ch5) and CRA2

Before class on Thursday, please do some preliminary research on the field of “critical internet studies”. Come to class having chosen an ethos-rich source that has helped you understand the term/field along with notes you’ve taken on what constitutes “critical internet studies.” Our in-class discussion on Thursday will establish a foundation for the larger assignments to come.

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