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Week Seven | WRIT 3150

As we discussed last week, this week we will be landing several discussions and projects with three midterm deliverables that will also provide an opportunity to work on design consistency. By the start of class on Thursday, complete the following posts:

  1. Midterm Deliverables: a two paragraph post that includes a quote from Eyman’s Ch. 1 (probably from the bolded definition “list” section) on digital rhetoric; a definition of Critical Internet studies; and identification of the particular category of Critical Internet Studies that is motivating your work; and a link to #2 and #3 below. This post should provide context for how your work is connected and engaged with the principles of the class.
  2. Critical Making Project: a step by step description of how and why you constructed your critical making project; it should include: pictures of the process/components; reference to the O’Gorman article in our Routledge text; reference to any other articles that is motivating your work (for example, a connection to your reading in Critical Internet Studies); and an embedded, cloud hosted video at the end of a brief “show and tell” of the project (no more than 90 seconds).
  3. Annotated Bibliography: 8 sources, at least 4 of which are academic, capturing your developing research in Critical Internet Studies; citations should be provided in MLA format; annotations should follow the same pattern of CRA-research tasks (see CRA guidelines).

Each post should follow the post guidelines from earlier in the semester with respect to ethical image inclusion and citation.

Additionally, please read Ch. 2 of Eyman and Ch. 14 (“#NODAPL: Distributed Rhetorical Praxis at Standing Rock”) in the Routledge text by the start of class next week.

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