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Week Ten | WRIT 3150

This week in class I will be demonstrating how case study and app review work might look. We will be formally dividing up into groups, selecting a “case” or an app, choosing roles (case study) or deployment strategies (app review), and developing a timeline for the project.

On Tuesday we will be discussing subdomains, categories, and the difference between a “centralized project” and a “federated project”. I will also be encouraging you to define how your project will address design, research, progress, networks, and revision/editing.

On Thursday I will hold a short workshop on designing with Canva (optional) and then discuss the app review assignment for 20 minutes (mandatory for app review students).

For next week’s CRA and Reflection/Application posts, please read/listen to the following texts. On Tuesday, come with notes on these sources with an attention to overlaps in their content, thoughts on synthesis (particularly between #2 and #3), and ideas about how these concepts will be useful to your final project.

  1. Eyman: Ch3, “Method” (with attn to a method/s that can assist your case study or app review)
  2. Routledge, Ch36, “Participatory Media and the Lusory Turn: Paratextuality and Let’s Play” by Ingrid Richardson
  3. NYT’s Rabbit Hole podcast (six episodes)

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