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Weeks Fourteen & Fifteen | WRIT 3150

I appreciate everyone being flexible for the classes I had to cancel last week, and I apologize for any inconvenience it caused anyone. We’ll be meeting for class tomorrow (Mon, 4/18) and for our remaining four classes depending on case study or app review orientations. Here is our amended schedule:

Mon, 4/18: I’ll discuss expectations related to research/citation, project design/structure, and project management reflection common to the case study and app review assignments. I’ll discuss an article related to Critical Internet Studies and use it to give examples of appropriate citation for the final projects.

Wed, 4/20: I’ll meet with the app review students to workshop their current app demo work along with their reflections on where their review is going to take them (expectation: demo links and roughly 1000 words of reflection).

Mon, 4/25: I’ll meet with the case study teams to workshop their individually written/designed sections and discuss how to turn case study observations and research into valuable introduction and conclusion sections (expectation: full rough drafts of each team member’s section).

Wed, 4/27: I’ll teach a lesson on Phase Three editing. Everyone should bring one paragraph on paper from any section of their project that you’ve gotten as close to “final” as possible. We will workshop those drafts after the Phase Three lesson.

Mon, 5/2: No class, but I’ll be available to meet with any student or group virtually throughout the day. Final projects are due at 11:59pm.

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