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Welcome to Fall 2022

Welcome to my WRIT 3150 for this semester. You can access the syllabus here:

WRIT 3150: Topics in Digital Rhetoric, syllabus

Slack instead of D2L; what is Slack?

I don’t spend a lot of time with D2L. We will use Slack for links, class discussion, activities, and assignments. I will use this blog for announcements and instructions. I’ll only use D2L for posting grades. Any post on this blog will also be announced on Slack which should also trigger an email to your KSU student account if you set up Slack the right way when you join.

Signing up for and using Slack

Sign up for our class portal on Slack by clicking below. Only use your KSU student email when creating your Slack account and login. It’s probably a good idea to keep your password for Slack identical or similar to your KSU/netID password. Be sure to follow all of the steps to complete entry into Slack. Finally, if you want to engage with the class on a mobile platform, download the Slack app and log in there using the same email and password that you create. The Slack app is a great way to get some work done for the class on the go.

Update 8/818/22: Here is the invite link to our the invite for our Slack workspace. We will join the workspace and begin to use it together in class today.

Covid Statement

According to the University System of Georgia, students, staff, and faculty on our campus are strongly encouraged to mask inside of campus buildings. I take COVID-19 very seriously. Until infection statistics in Cobb County are below the CDC threshold for safely being unmasked indoors, I will be bringing masks into the classroom and inviting anyone who does not have one to wear one during class. Please take your safety, my safety, and the safety of your peers seriously and wear a mask during class.

Feel free to reach out with questions to me via KSU email (pete dot kennesaw dot edu). I don’t quickly see or respond to emails in the D2L system because they are cumbersome to access; please don’t use the D2L email system. I look forward to meeting you!

Work for Week One

Before our next class on Thursday:

  • Read these four blog posts that will assist you in opening your own web domain through Reclaim Hosting and install WordPress onto it. Let me know if you already have a self-hosted domain from another class or that you maintain on your own.
  • Read my post “Class Reading Activities (CRAs)” which describes the main activity that we’ll be using for reading over the course of the semester. Be prepared to discuss and ask questions about this activity.
  • Begin the first chapter of Eyman’s Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, and Practice (here’s a link) and read until the end of the “Text” section ending (page 12-24).

Update 8/18, complete for class between now and next:

  • CRA0 (our mock CRA) on Slack, due Thur, Fri, or Sat, depending on the task you choose;
  • Complete your reading of Eyman, Ch. 1 by Tuesday, 8/23;
  • Come to class on Tuesday, 8/23, with ideas for reflection and application posts (which will be completed on your domains next week);
  • Post your the url for your self-hosted domain as a reply to the appropriate message in the #general channel on Slack; and
  • Obtain the Routledge textbook or know when it’s set to arrive by Tues, 8/23.

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