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WRIT 3150 | Case Study/App Review Assignment

Compose a digital case study or app review that is published on your platform or a shared space for your group. The project should conform to standard academic writing conventions and style, and it should use MLA as its citation/formatting system. It should include separate posts or pages for the introduction, conclusion, and individual divisions of the project.

For the case study, individual divisions should be approximately 3000 words/student. The introduction and conclusion sections (authored by the group, approximately 500 words total) do not count toward that amount.

For the app review, the individual divisions should be comprise approximately 2000 words; intro and conclusion (approximately 500 words total) do not count toward that amount.

As a digital project, either the case study or app review should use separate posts or pages to link components of the project together. From the introduction page of the project, all other sections should be linkable and clearly titled and explained. Other sections should include separate components of the argument, a conclusion page, and a works cited page.

The case study should draw heavily from screenshots from the community/site being studied, from scholarship related to the argument that you’re making, and from Eyman. Consider that each student should be citing from 5-10 sources, so the Works Cited section of the project should link to the equivalent to, at a minimum, the number of students in the group x5.

The app review should include reflection and relevant connection to relevant journalistic and academic sources, including Eyman, but should also focus on links to and descriptions of the deployment of the app on your subdomain.

Due date: Last day of class, Dec. 2 to the #finalproject channel in Slack using a hyperlink.

I will evaluate assignments on their ideas, organization (including design), and mechanics (including formatting and assignment requirements).

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