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WRIT 3150 | Major Assignments

Annotated Bibliography

Compose an annotated bibliography of 15 sources on a topic of your choice related to digital rhetoric and/or critical internet studies. At least eight of your sources should be academic (authored by a scholar, published in an academic journal, making an academic argument, at least 7 pages in length, and including a bibliography); the remaining sources should maintain a high standard of credibility and originating from journalistic or non-profit media. Annotations should be 100-150 words and should summarize the source, quote from it, and explain the relevance of the source to your overarching topic. Citations should be formatted using MLA. Upon completion, the annotated bibliography assignment should include an introductory paragraph defining a clear throughline in your research and your intention for further research in that area (leading toward the research project).

Tentative due dates during Week Eight and Week Fourteen

Case Study or App Review

Case Study: Develop a long-form research project in which you apply the research from your annotated bibliography and your book review to a web-based community, organization, or media project. Please clear the focus of your research with me before proceeding. The project will be published on your domain in the form of a page which explains and organizes the project and links to posts which will serve as sections or “chapters” of your analysis. Your project should take full advantage of the new media format of your domain by embedding images, videos, and/or other new media forms. The case study option must be composed in a group of 2-4 students. The aggregate word count of the project should be roughly 3000 words per team member; team members must take on individual collaborative roles including at least “project manager” and “designer”.

App Review: Choose one of the open source applications available in the Installatron section of your Reclaim Hosting account. Build a subdomain on which to install the application and spend time learning how to use it, what kind of work the application is good for, and applying in a hypothetical situation. Compose a review of the application’s that includes its affordances, its challenges, and a usage narrative. The project should include both a visible usage of the application and your review. The review component should be roughly 2000 words broken into several posts that are explained and organized from a main project page. This assignment must be completed individually.

Tentative due date during Week Fourteen

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