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WRIT 3150 | Reflection and Application Blog Posts

Reflection posts focus on the text(s) you’ve been assigned looking for places of synthesis, fracture, or curiosity. They should be analytical in nature with significant citation from the reading. Reflection posts are typically due on Thursday of a given week.

Application posts take those Reflection observations as jumping off points and connect the reading to a specific web site, project, digital “event”, or artifact. They should focus on tying the reading to a specific moment of contemporary digital culture. Application posts are typically due on Saturday of a given week; they should not be submitted until the due date for reflection posts has closed.

For each reflection/application post cycle, you will complete one or the other and alternate your work on subsequent activities. Each of these posts should be 400-500 words, include an image, and cite from the reading and/or outside sources. You will “submit” your by giving your post a brief (1 sentence) description and posting its unique URL in the #reflection or #application channels in Slack.

We’ll discuss a variety of protocols that I want you to use when building those posts, and the notes you take on that discussion will be important for the remainder of the semester. More specifically, I’ll be defining principles around:

  • titles/captions/subheadings
  • ethical image use
  • source citation (author and title-as-link; avoid URLs)
  • web-native citation style for this semester
  • categories/tags
  • content/style

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