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WRIT 3150 | Week Five

On Monday we will cover the following topics:

  • wrapping up our review of Eyman/Ch. 1 (attending to structure)
  • feedback on R1 posts
  • review of R2 and A1 posts by Wednesday
  • annotated bibliography assignment
  • Slack engagement between reflection posts and application posts (3 engagements between Wed-Fri)

On Wednesday we will begin discussing Eyman/Ch. 2. Come to class with a text draft of a reflection post on Ch. 2 (R3) for discussion in class.

R2 will be due by the end of the day on Wednesday and an application post on Ch. 2 (A2) will be due on Saturday, 2/12. Application posts should reference the work/comments of at least two peers from the reflection discussion.

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