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WRIT 3150 | Week Three

Please join the #reflection and #application posts I’ve created in Slack and review the Reflection and Application post guidelines (also posted in #importantlinks).

Reading for this week (complete by Thursday, 9/1/22):
“Trial by Twitter” in The New Yorker, July 29, 2013.
Routledge, Introduction (Alexander and Rhodes)
Routledge, Ch. 1 (DeVoss)

This week we will workshop and publish one academic blog post; half of us will complete a Reflection post, and the other half will complete an Application post.

After reviewing our discussion on ethical image citation and your demonstration of those skills, I will open a discussion on digital rhetoric related to last week’s reading. We will collect a series of potential focus points for the Reflection and Application posts, sign up for potential directions for this work, and close Tuesday’s class with a review of a key selection from Eyman, Ch. 1.

Compose a rough draft (reflection posts) or a brainstorm of ideas (application post) by class time on Thursday.

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