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WRIT 3150 | Week Three

We’ll begin class with a collaborative discussion based on what you learned from your Critical Internet Studies articles over the weekend.

This semester you’ll be composing reflection posts and application posts that will be published to your WordPress site. Reflection posts should focus on an analytical observation or critical question arising from a reading assignment. Application posts will identify and explain one project/site/community on the web that serves as an example of an idea described in the reading.

On Monday we’ll discuss a variety of protocols that I want you to use when building those posts, and the notes you take on that discussion will be important for the remainder of the semester. Each of these posts should 300-400 words, include an image, and cite from the reading and/or outside sources. More specifically, I’ll be defining principles around:

  • titles/captions/subheadings
  • ethical image use
  • source citation (author and title-as-link; avoid URLs)
  • web-native citation style for this semester
  • categories/tags
  • content
  • style

By Wednesday, publish your first reflection (R1) post on the article you chose for last week’s Critical Internet Studies activity, making sure to follow the guidelines discussed in class.

Additionally this Mon, we’ll discuss Eyman’s introduction to Digital Rhetoric. Read Eyman, Chapter One this week. We will take a brief reading assessment on Mon, 1/31. Complete a reflection post (R2) on that reading by Sun, 1/30 and an application post (A1) on that reading by Tues, 2/1.

Join the #reflection and #application channels in Slack. Submit reflection and application posts to those channels by including a brief description of your argument along with a link.

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