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WRIT 3150 | Week Two

In class this week, we will discuss the following topics:

  • the history or rhetoric as it pertains to the sophists, Plato, and Aristotle
  • the terms digital utopian, luddite, and critical internet studies
  • the difference between the internet and the world wide web
  • reflection and analysis posts that will begin next week
  • ethical image selection and formatting for blog posts

We’ll also go over responses to CRA0 and establish roles for CRA1 this week. Please sign up for your roles by the end of class on Tuesday.

CRA1 reading: the entirety of Eyman, Ch. 1.

I will have published signup messages in the CRA Slack channels before class tomorrow. Due dates will be: Wednesday, 8/24 — brainstormers and researchers; Thursday, 8/25 — analysts; and Friday, 8/26 — curators

Will update with more information before Thursday’s class if needed. For now, here’s your checklist for this week:

Tues: sign up for CRA1 task; come to class having completed Eyman Ch.1; notes in class
Wed: brainstormer and researcher work due
Thurs: notes in class; tinker with blog posts/images; analyst work due
Fri: curator work due; begin Week Three reading assignment (TBD); reflection/application post preparation

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