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WRIT 3150 | Week Two

In class today we will discuss:

  • the difference between the web and the internet
  • our self-hosted domains, and
  • the concept of critical internet studies

For next week, choose an academic or journalistic article of at least 5 pages/1000 words that addresses some aspect of critical internet studies that you find interesting. Join the #critical-internet-studies channel on Slack. By Friday, a 100 word introduction to your article along with a link. Be sure to identify clearly what aspect of critical internet studies your article is a addressing.

You’ll be using this article on your first Reflection blog post assignment, so be sure to choose something that interests you. In Friday’s Week Three post, I’ll be defining activities for next week that will prepare us for that work.

Be sure to have thoroughly read Eyman’s Introduction by Monday as well.

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