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Week Fourteen: Cycle Four, Revision

Our fourth production cycle begins today (Friday, 4/19). Instead of writing a new content post, teams will be editing/revising the three stories that they have already published. In order to assist with that, we have prepared three resources:

Model story: I choose Content Team 8’s story to prepare as a model. I spent some time revising the content paragraphs to make sure that there were adding analysis to the artifact they were introducing. Additionally, I added language that highlighted the point of the story in the introduction and the conclusion. Please refer to this story as a model as you are revising yours:

Content Team 8’s story on HB 1010

Revision guidelines: I have made a checklist to review when editing/revising a story. Several stories that I have seen do not follow the specific pattern of intro, 10 context/artifact pairs, conclusion. Please read this document carefully; if it’s helpful, divide up specific jobs to individual team members.

WRIT 3152 Revision Guidelines

Specific feedback: In addition, I will be sending back to each time notes on your individual stories compiled by the managing editors. Look for these over the next two days in your channel; I’ll use the hashtag #feedback so that you can quickly find them in your channel they get buried. You won’t start seeing feedback on your Cycle Three stories until Tuesday of next week.

Here’s what this means for our final week+ . . .

Schedule a meeting and start revising: Roles on the content teams dissolve at this point with the exception of the PM. PMs should set up a meeting by the end of the day Tuesday (4/23) to discuss the revision of your team’s articles. Team members do not have to wait until the meeting to start working on revisions/edits; however, you will need to coordinate this work because only one person can edit a WordPress story at a time. The best solution is for the PM to make a PDF of the post, send it to everyone on the team, and let everyone start thinking through what edits they need to make to specific sections.

Attend class: Whether you are a Monday or Wednesday student, be sure that you are in class this coming week (4/22 or 4/24).

Complete your work: The deadline for editing/revising stories is KSU’s official last day of class, Monday, 4/29. This means that teams have ten days to complete edits. When you are finished with a story, add a note in the “Revised Stories” thread in #announcements to let me and the ME’s know that it’s ready for review. Please make sure that every improvement has been made; partially completed stories will not receive full credit and will not be posted to our Curate website.

Questions? Please let me know in the #help channel, your CT channel (be sure to @ me there), through a DM, or via an email.

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