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Week Ten

I will be forming selecting content team members, roles, and beats this week. Please complete the following survey by Wednesday, March 20:

WRIT 3152 Content Team Preference Survey

Read/listen to the following resources:

To prepare for your first content team meeting, compose a research brief that includes:

  • 1) a link to a specific bill;
  • 2) links to two news stories related to that bill;
  • 3) links to 8 social media artifacts related to the bill (at least 6 of which are from digital stakeholders); and
  • 4) 100 words of analysis on that research.

(Updated) Timeline for the next two weeks:

  • Content teams will be notified of team members via Discord by noon Friday, 3/22. Project managers will need to arrange a phone or video meeting between all team members by Monday, 3/25 to discuss their first story.
  • Managing Editors and Pete will meet for class on Monday, 3/25; class will serve as a workshop for the first story cycle and will be optional for anyone else.
  • All teams will submit the research brief for their first story by Tuesday, 3/26.
  • No class meeting on Wednesday, 3/27.
  • First story is due in draft form to WordPress by Friday, 3/29.

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