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WRIT 3152 Capitol Trips

This is an information for everyone attending one of our two Georgia Capitol trips.

Here is an information site about the Georgia Capitol and its Museum.
This is the most detailed map of the area around the Capitol that I could find.

Wednesday, February 28 trip:

  • I’ll meet you at 10am at the Mitchell Street entrance to the building (not the Washington Street side, as discussed in class).
  • Folks I’m expecting so far: Isabelle, Gamble, Luke, Trey, Stephanie, and Cole

Monday, March 4 trip:

  • IF you’re taking the transit (bus/train) version of the trip, I’ll meet you at The Commons dining building on the Kennesaw campus at 8am. Please DM me on Discord to make sure that I know to expect you. Please DM me if you’re planning to take transit with me so that I can pick you up a Marta Breeze card beforehand. It will cost you $7 round trip ($2.50 for each direction and $2 for the Breeze card).
  • IF you’re driving yourself to the Capitol, I’ll meet you at the Mitchell Street entrance around 10.30am. Watch the #explearning channel for updates while we’re on the way.
  • Folks I’m expecting so far on 3/4: Emma, Molly, Mason, Emma, Sophia, Michaela, Arianna (again, please DM me if you’re planning to take transit).

A couple of important announcements:

  • It is illegal to bring weapons or political signage into the Georgia Capitol.
  • Bring a pad of paper and something to write with, your phone (for pictures and notes), and the names of your House and Senate reps (in case you can talk to them while you’re there).

I’ll be sending updates during our trip to the #explearning channel.

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