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WRIT 3152 Week Five

In class this week:

We’ll be working through an activity based on our reading of the “#NODAPL” and “Digital Rhetoric: Theory” chapters. You’ll be working in groups and presenting your work in class.

I will give a brief overview of the concepts of URLs, hyperlinks, smart links, and embedded media.

We will also have a brief discussion of our Capitol trip planning for the period of time between Feb 26-Mar 10. After I have that conversation with both classes, I’ll be putting up a poll on Discord for us to decide on the days of the trip. I’ll also be looking for volunteers to help with that planning.

Our hybrid work this week: Please sort yourself into one of the eight Offline groups. Between now and next Monday, your group should complete the following:

  • Choose a project manager, document designer, and note taker by Wednesday (2/7)
  • Listen or watch the Offline podcast interview: “Max Fisher on How Silicon Valley Has Rewired Our Brains” (1hr, 5mins)
  • Compile notes on the the important arguments, sections of this discussion
  • Choose one concrete anecdote/story from the interview on which to focus; identify your story/anecdote at the top of your channel by Thur (2/8) and be sure that it’s not redundant of another group’s choice.
  • Compose a one page document wherein you spend roughly 1/2 of the document analyzing the story as it’s told in the podcast and 1/2 of the document providing supportive or conflicting media artifacts from the web to deepen our understanding of the story (artifacts should be included using “smart links”).
  • Submit the document to the appropriate thread in #announcements by Friday (2/9).
  • I’ll talk in class this week about the benefits of collaborating collectively or individually.

To be prepared for next week, choose one of the following media streams to read/follow closely:

  • Politically Georgia podcast
  • GA House and Senate press accounts on X (not the accounts of lawmakers)
  • AJC legislative articles
  • #gapol on X

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