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WRIT 3152 Week Thirteen

Our second story cycle ends tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/9), and those stories are due then.

We will not meet for class this week.

This week please make sure that you are 1) being communicative with their content team in the Discord channel (especially when discussing availability and potential meeting times), 2) attending two agreed upon meetings, and 3) getting your own work completed on time.

Here is a timeline for your work this week:

Today or tomorrow (4/8 or 4/9): Hold your “second meeting” for your Cycle Two story. PMs begin setting first and second meeting dates for Cycle Three (if they have not already).

Tuesday, 4/9: Cycle Two story due in WordPress (change status to “pending review” when finished).

Wednesday, 4/10: Cycle Three begins. Everyone completes the content team evaluation form (link to be shared by Pete Tues night/Wed morning). PM uses their own version of the story organizing document to keep everyone’s work focused (this document’s setting should be changed so that anyone can view and edit the document). PM remains engaged with all team members throughout the week and steps in to assist with any role that suffers a setback or delay.

Wednesday, 4/10, or Thursday, 4/11: Team holds Cycle Three first meeting. Researcher brings two research briefs. Content team decides which bill/topic to go with and records that decision in the Cycle Three thread of the #claiming-story-topics channel on Discord.

Within 24 hours of that decision: Researcher returns a “deep dive” list (on the story org document) or document that includes 20 sources/artifacts (15 of which need to be from DS) including at least one academic source. The academic source citation should include some quotes that will be helpful for the Content Dev.

After receiving the Researcher’s “deep dive” source list: Content Dev takes 24-48 hours to compose the story and submit to the editor.

After receiving the Content Dev’s story: Editor takes 24 hours to return the story with changes and comments to the team for review.

Monday, 4/15, or Tuesday, 4/16: Content team holds Cycle Three second meeting to review the story in whatever state it is in.

Tuesday, 4/16: Cycle Three due in WordPress (change status to “pending review” when finished).

Wednesday, 4/17: Cycle Four (our final cycle!) begins.

If at any point you need to reference any of the resources in the Content Team Folder, here is that link.

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