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WRIT 3152 Week Three

We’ll talk about the Collab1 Assessment Survey; please complete it by Tuesday, 1/23.

I asked you to come to class this week with the following:

  • Three observations that you have made by looking at the Source Analysis and Artifact Narratives from other groups. (These observations can be things other groups did well or differently; or what you have learned reading all of these documents together.)
  • Three tweets from any of the five Artifact Narratives that you think represent the best three digital stakeholders in term of ethos.

We will discuss all of these in a conversations designed to collect a common understanding of expectations and definitions.

At this point, what issues/bills have the most momentum, attention?

Please return to House/Senate spreadsheet to add Twitter accounts and websites (if you can locate them) for your legislators. If either of those don’t exist, indicate that in the chart.

I will post a small activity between now and Wednesday for everyone to complete before next week’s class.

Students needing a replacement assignment for Collab1 will need to join Collab1 group 2 in Discord and complete that work by Mon, Jan 29. DM me your interest in completing that activity and show up in the channel to identify yourself to your fellow group members.

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