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WRIT 3152 Week Two

Next week will be unusual. As you know, Monday students are not meeting due to the MLK holiday. Wednesday students do not have mandatory class either.

However, everyone is invited to drop into the classroom between 3.30p-5p on Wednesday (Jan 17) for questions, answers, workshop time on our Collab 1 activity.

Please do the following things by the end of today (Jan 12):

  • Open the House/Senate Members spreadsheet and add your own information to it (part of your research for the first part of this week).
  • Begin our Collab1 activity that is due next Thurs (Jan 18). Read the instructions carefully and choose a group to join on Discord. The groups have a maximum student number, so the longer you wait to join a group, the fewer options you’ll have.

I’ll see all of you either on the workshop day (Jan 18) or in our next class. But keep in mind: I am happy to set up phone and/or video calls with individuals or groups over the next week.

Wed, Jan 17, update:

Your Collab1 documents are due tomorrow, Thurs, Jan 18. Look for the #collab1-activity channel, and submit your documents in the appropriate thread. Only one group member needs to submit the documents (as PDFs or read-only links), but the posting message should include the group number and the @ names of all group members.

On Friday, Jan 19, I will send a Collab1 assessment link to everyone on Discord. You will get used to these — we’ll use them after every collaborative exercise. The assessment form that opens from the link will ask you to assess your performance AND the performance of your group members on Collab1. Your feedback about about your group’s performance will only be viewable to me, and I will use the collective responses to assign grades for the activity. Completing this assessment is required, not voluntary. Look for the assessment link, and please complete it by Sunday, Jan 21.

Whether you are a Mon or Wed student, before next week’s class, read all of the groups’ documents and come to class with the following:

  • Three observations that you have made by looking at the Source Analysis and Artifact Narratives from other groups. (These observations can be things other groups did well or differently; or what you have learned reading all of these documents together.)
  • Three tweets from any of the five Artifact Narratives that you think represent the best three digital stakeholders in term of ethos.
  • Have these six things (three document observations and three hyperlinks to tweets) in an electronic format when you come to class next week.

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