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WRIT 3152 Weeks Seven, Eight, and Nine

Everything starts to change this week, so get ready!

Here’s a quick timeline for the next several weeks:

  • This week (Week Seven): we will meet for class and participate in one in-class activity; also, the Experiential Learning Assignment begins.
  • Week Eight (Feb. 25-Mar. 2): We will not meet for class. Capitol trip #1 on Wed, 2/28, 10a-2p.
  • Week Nine (Mar. 3-9): We will not meet for class. Capitol trip #2 on Mon, Mar. 4, 10a-2p.
  • Experiential Learning Assignment is due: Friday, Mar. 8.
  • Spring Break occurs after Week Nine of class (Mar. 10-16).
  • Week Ten (Mar. 17-23): Classes resume, content teams are announced, prep begins.
  • Week Eleven (Mar. 24-30): Content team schedule begins, first story due Tues, Mar. 26.

Here are the more specific details:

  1. In class this week, we’ll return to identifying digital stakeholders. There will be a thread each for Monday and Wednesday students in #lobby. You’ll need to be in class to complete that activity.
  2. Please read the details about our Experiential Learning Assignment, which begins today and is due Friday, Mar. 8. Look for the #explearning channel in Discord and sign up for either a solo version or a paired version in one of the two threads there.
  3. Remember: the Experiential Learning Assignment is designed to be completed mostly during our Georgia Capitol Field Trip. There is also alternate assignment requirements for people who cannot attend either of the Capitol trips. You (and your partner, if you choose one) will have to decide now whether your going to complete the Georgia Capitol version of the assignment or the alternate version.
  4. Remember: if you decide to go on the Georgia Capitol trip, you only need to attend ONE. The only reason I am running two versions of the trip is so that the most amount of people can attend.

Finally, go to the #explearning channel in Discord and interact with any of the four threads at the top of the channel that relate to you (two for the trips, one of alternates, one for pairs). Answer any that apply to you, but please do this by Monday, Feb. 26.

Remember: no in class meetings during Weeks Eight and Nine. If you have any questions, please put them in #help or email me.

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