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WRIT 3152, Welcome to Spring 2024

Welcome to Digital Community Engagement — an experimental and multidisciplinary writing class. I look forward to working with you!

The first thing that you should do is review the syllabus and join our Discord server.
We will be using Discord for most of our work and communication instead of D2L.

As I am introducing the class today, I will be defining some important terms for us: digital stakeholder, digital rhetoric/ethos, the Georgia General Assembly.

Schedule for the next two weeks:

  • By this Friday (Jan 12) morning, I will be posting a collaborative activity for you to complete in a group of 3-5 students by Thursday (Jan 18).
  • Monday students: we will not meet next wee (Jan 15) in observance of the MLK holiday.
  • Wednesday students: we will not have have mandatory class next Wed (Jan 17); instead I will be running an optional workshop (see below).
  • Next Wednesday’s class (Jan 17) will be reserved as an optional workshop space for anyone to receive help/guidance on the activity that is due next Thursday (Jan 18).

Between now and Thursday:

Your activity at the end of the week will require your familiarity with these sources, so do your best to read, review, skim, and collect data as appropriate.

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