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Ethical Image Use for Blog Posts

I decided I no longer wanted to park here tonight
Image courtesy of sagesolar via Flickr and Creative Commons

Ethical image use is important for this class; it provides an important arena for distinguishing between what we can do and what we should do (with further connections to digital citizenship as an engaged practice). We’ll talk about the difference between copyright and the “copyleft” movement and the gray space in between.

In terms of image use in a blog post for this class, please use only images that are:

1) owned by you (and cite yourself),

2) in the public domain with citation (without any restrictions at all; you can find some at Unsplash), OR

3) licensed under Creative Commons with citation. See Wikipedia’s page on Creative Commons licenses for more on the differences between CC licenses.

You can always search for Creative Commons licenses at (I recommend using the Flickr database from that screen). The image on this page is an example of how to cite images ethically.

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